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About Fu(麩)

Fu(麩) is a traditional Japanese food made of wheat gluten that is found in a variety of Japanese dishes such as miso soup. Fu is very nutritional, having good calcium and being low in calories and high in protein. This makes it a very good food for our bodies.
Fu is sometimes used as a meat substitute and is therefore the perfect food for either vegetarians, people who are on a diet or people who don’t eat meat for religious reasons.Since Fu is easy to swallow and digest, it is also an especially good food for young kids as well as elderly people.

There are two main types of Fu.
1) Baked-fu or Dried-fu (Yaki-fu 焼き麩)
2) Raw-fu or Fresh-fu (Nama-fu 生麩)

Baked-fu is one of the most commonly available type of fu and is hard like baked bread. Baked-fu is a great pantry food as it can be kept for long periods unlike bread which becomes stale quickly.

In contrast, raw-fu is soft and has a distinctly chewy texture. It is often made into a variety of colorful shapes, the most popular of which are maple leaves, plum blossoms and cherry blossoms. These are then used to add more decoration and presentation to dishes.

Fu-manju is a type of Japanese sweet made with raw-fu and red bean paste. The bean paste is wrapped in the raw-fu which is then boiled and itself wrapped in a Japanese bamboo leaf.

  • Raw-fu
    (Nama-fu 生麩)

  • Fu-manju

Our Goals

As a Japanese company that has our roots in traditional food, our desire is to spread Fu around the world so that it can be enjoyed by many people.
We aim to produce the most delicious Fu made by hand with only the best ingredients.
We hope you can enjoy our delicious Fu!

About Us

Company name Miyamura seifu Inc.
Adress 1807-6, Okada, Shibata-shi, Niigata, 957-0356, Japan
Telephone +81-254-20-8220
Year of founding 1902
Founder Goroshichi Miyamura
Current CEO Takashi Miyamura
Capital 9 million yen
Number of employees 13
Lines of business Production and sale of Fu (baked and raw)

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